The Romanian industry, together with the entire society, must be rebuilt, and this can only be done based on cooperation of all parties that have interests in this area of the economy, namely the Government, The Employers Unions and Trade Unions.

We see this cooperation as a success of the tripartite dialogue to identify the common goal of creating a competitive and prosperous industry. If this goal is not achieved, then the actors of social dialogue will not be realized either. Considering the industry a priority of Romania, CONPIROM, through its affiliate federations and members, decided to act and, with the help of specialists, has developed a Proactive Strategy that wants to determine with other partners the acceleration of the reconstruction of our country’s economy.

The time for dialogue without a result has passed. It is time has for things to move faster for the good we all expect. That is why CONPIROM launched this strategy, accompanied by a draft action to implement it. Our confederation is open to proposals from any part of the social dialogue and is ready to take decisive action to achieve positive results in its approach.

We are relying on the initiation of meetings with the representatives of the Government and the Unions, as a result of which we can improve and even adopt a common strategy, as well as a strong action plan. A healthy business environment is beneficial to the whole society, not only to employers. It brings prosperity, stability, it means a strong, viable society, capable of being important in the European Union and in the context of globalization, but also for its citizens.

Therefore, we invite you to have a constructive, positive dialogue on this strategy to reestablish the forces of the Romanian society.

Ionel BORȘ
President of CONPIROM